A Daughter’s Thank You to Day Away

Sheila and her husband Mike at a family get together at Day Away

 As a New Hampton resident I would like to take this moment to express my family’s gratitude that all of you have taken time in your life to put together the Day Away Program in Bristol, NH.  The Day Away Program allows a place for people to go and have stimulation and interaction with others.  It also gives a caregiver a day to get things done or just enjoy their time alone.  As a nurse, I know that caring for a family member can be a twenty four hour, seven days a week job.  This program you have developed is a great idea and has provided fun for people in our area.  When we were told by the neurologist to find more stimulation for my mother, living in a rural area this task seemed like a futile request. Miraculously we found out that you were starting this fun Day Away Program under the church at the foot of Newfound Lake.  My mom has been attending your program from day one.  My mom was a very social person and this allows her to have the appropriate social interaction she needs.  When I see the craft that she has made at the program that week and I ask her if she made it she always smiles. She may not remember that she made it but by the smile she has, I know she had a good time.  Thanks to people like all of you who dedicate your time to helping others, our rural community is a greater place to live.

Thank you,

Denise Stewart

About Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's or Dementia

Respite for Family/Caregivers Day Away is a great way for caregivers to take a break. Day Away is designed to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for our participants to help maintain their independence, encourage socialization, be mentally stimulated and remain active. We want to lighten your load. Trained volunteers and an RN director are here to provide 1-1 supervision for your loved one. The day passes quickly and is filled with failure-free activities and much joy for both the participants and volunteers. Day Away is nondenominational and open to all families and caregivers who feel the need for respite and relief from constant care and responsibility.
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